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Introduction Of MOZA R9 System

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 *All Prices in SGD 

9 NM Direct Drive Torque from an Industrial-grade Motor

With 9Nm of torque on tap the R9 can lay down an ultra-wide torque range that accurately reproduces the dynamic steering characteristics of top racing cars from F1 to IndyCar.

Feel the road through the steering wheel.


Technical Specs For R9 Motor Base :-

 - Applicable Platform: PC
 - Driving type: Direct Drive
 - Maximum Turning Angle: Unlimited
 - Cover: Aluminum Alloys
 - Color: Black or White
 - Maximum Torque: 9 NM
 - Maximum Power: 180 W
 - Input voltage: 110V~220V AC —>36V DC
 - USB Refresh Rate: 1000Hz
 - Indicator: Yes
 - Quick Release: Yes
 - Interface: Power Supply, Data, General Interface
 - Accessories: Instructions Power Supply,USB Cable,Warranty Card,Screw
 - Mounting: 4-Hole Pattern on the Bottom, Side Mounting Support with Special BRKT
 - Mounting Bracket : Bottom Angle Adjustment Bracket/Side Fixing Bracket 
 - Table Clamp: Optional
- Side Mounting: Optional
 - Emergency Stop: Optional
 - Firmware Update YES
 - L x W x H: 240mm x 157mm x 124mm
 - Mass: 8.9kg
 - APP Function: YES
 - Shifting Indicator Light: YES

Standard Warranty - 12 months


Why buy from SIMFAI Solutions ?

1. We cover 1 year warranty internationally.

2. We have fast turn around time to resolve L1 & L2 issues.

3. We have a dedicated professional team to support these products.

4. We welcome new suggestions and ideas as a value feedback.

5. We offer extended warranty 2 & 3 years. Email for quotation.